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__ ABOUT US __

We are Stansys BPM a fully registered firm in Pakistan with branch offices worldwide. Stansys BPM is a full-service based consulting firm, that has innovative tools to streamline your business weather small, medium or large scale. We have the right approach towards your business process mapping by using various business ideas and tools to make any business profitable.

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Our state of the art GAP assessment, measurement tools and agile project management methodology give us confidence to re-shape your business. Every business owner would like to see their businesses grow but due to multiple factors they are unable to do so. We make their vision realize by providing them one stop service solution for all their business needs from Standardization Local or International, Sales, Marketing, Setting Goals & Targets, HR, Business Process Engineering or Re-engineering, Auditing, Branding, Trade Marks, Copyrighting, IT Infrastructure setup and many more based on the business model and budget.
We are a local consulting firm with International experience which definitely suites your requirements and budget constraints. We founded SBPM on the core principle where we would create a company that would truly help our clients grow their businesses by working with them more as a strategic partner than merely an outsourced vendor. Our first line of code is always a question mark. It’s pretty simple really. We listen, learn, and understand before we start our work.