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__Mystery Shopping Consultancy__

Mystery shopping is a term that describes a field-based research technique of using independent auditors posing as customers to gather information about product quality and service delivery by staff of a company . Their reports, usually written, are forwarded to the client and can be used in a number of ways.

Why Conduct Mystery Shopping?

The purpose of Mystery Shopping is to define areas with a potential to improve by giving feedback on how the company is perceived from a customer’s perspective. Companies that use mystery shopping in the right way can enjoy:

  • Increased customer satisfaction, attracting new ones
  • Increased sales and thus profits
  • Demonstration to the employees of the importance of their relationship with customers and their role in it.
  • Motivation of employees to always be professional to the maximum with every customer.
  • Improvement in the relationship between your employees and customers
  • Detection of any deficiencies in relation to the customer or business and the opportunity to take action before they can be seen by customers
  • Help with planning future business policy
  • Ability to anticipate and guess the wishes of customers more easily
  • Reduction in the cost of advertising
  • Increase in your competitive advantage
  • Facility to keep track of current pricing policy and the behavior of competition