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What is Pakistan Standards Certification?

Pakistan Standards Certification is given by PSQCA (Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority). The PSQCA is an autonomous body subordinate to the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of Pakistan. Its main objective is to regulate and enforce quality standards in Pakistan. Anything that is certified by the PSQCA is issued the Pakistan Standards label.

Need for PSQCA Certification

As the main objective of PSQCA is enforcement of quality standards in Pakistan, therefore if you are related to manufacturing of food/non-food items you will benefit from achieving a PSQCA certificate, some are mentioned below:

  • There are105 items which must get PSQCA


  • Conformance to international or national standards will ease the entry of your products and services into foreign and domestic markets
  • It helps in reducing technical barriers to trade
  • Not only are organizations increasingly adopting standards to ensure the safety and efficiency of their practices and products, they are also seeking out suppliers who do the same.
  • Adherence to standards and third-party conformity assessment gives the public confidence that the products or systems they purchase will not cause harm when used as intended

With an estimated overall impact of 80% of world trade tied to standards and related conformity assessment activities, PSQCA’s promotion of the relationship between standardization and trade is vital to Pakistan’s competitiveness.

Benefits of PSQCA Certification

  • Customer confidence and wider markets
    • Organized Purchasers
    • Confidence in integrity of a product
    • Reduction in costly testing and inspection
    • Brand oriented selection, confidence in the purchase
  • Protection of consumer and environment
  • Improved public purchases and optimum overall economy
  • Facilitation of international trade, mutual recognize and acceptance. Costly testing and inspection avow