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As a business, one of your most important assets is your brand. It’s vital that you protect that brand, which means you should complete a trademark registration for both your business name and logo.

Register a Trade Mark

Stansys BPM assists business owners to register their trademark.

Registering a trade mark is an effective way for a business to protect their intellectual property.

Stansys BPM can submit applications for trademarks as well as assist in deal with any opposition claims brought by an adverse report.

How do you protect your BRAND?

Registering a trade mark will give its owner the right to exclusively use, license or sell the mark within the categories for which it is registered, blocking others from using a mark that is substantially identical or deceptively similar. In this way, trade marks protect brand identity and secure a company’s rights; to its image. A trade mark remains registered indefinitely if it continues to be used.

Why register a trademark?

If a trade mark isn’t registered and infringement is suspected, the owner must establish by extensive evidence that as a result of its use of and reputation in the mark the other person’s use is likely to cause deception or confusion. The dispute would be dealt with under the common law action of passing off.


  • Trademark registration is necessary if you want your business to be recognized as distinctive from the others.
  • Trademark is an indication of the quality of the product.
  • It will preserve a trademark for generations.
  • It gives the ability to establish a right to the trademarked word, logo, and sound, graphic or even color combination.
  • It protects the “mark” by preventing similar names from being registered by other businesses operating in the space.
  • It develops a unique identity that associate the people with the specific brand.

What Happens When Your Trade Mark is Accepted?

Once your trade mark is accepted, you can place the ® symbol next to your brand name or lot to indicate your exclusive rights. This is useful for marketing and branding purposes.

Owning a trade mark also enables you to enforce your rights against any party who is misusing your mark. After registration, you must renew your trade mark every 10 years.

What is the use of TM and ® symbols?

‘TM’ stands for Trademark. The use of TM symbol notifies the public that the company is claiming exclusive ownership of the trademark and can generally be used by Applicant of Trademark Application.

Whereas, the ® symbol, can be used only once the trademark is registered and the registration certificate is issued by Trademark Registry.